Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morning!!

Today is my last day of class for the semester! I'm very excited..but still have homework to finish up. I decided on some goals for the summer
  1. Learn to hula hoop (for like 5 mins)
  2. Run the entire length of a 5K.
Do you have summer plans or goals?

Also I've decided to keep this blogging up for a year! it sounds easy but I've been finding this takes a lot of dedication. I'm planning on having a weekly info blog about a new diet, exercise, or common weight loss problem (ex, the flat belly diet, the weighted hula hoop workout, and shin spints and i'm open to suggestions that you are interested in) And also have monthly magazine monday, where I let you know about great articles and info in my favorite mags. which includes my opinions on those studies which I think "really you did a study about this? my 5yr old nephew could've told you that" haha I know you've some of those too.

Well happy summer!!! Time to head to my last 8am!

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