Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2

Just plugging along. I got a haircut today so maybe I lost like a pound haha. honestly though I do have pretty thick hair. I'm also heading out to Buffalo Wild Wings for a good bye party. I'll try to not go crazy. My calorie counter says I still have over 600 calories. Since I was pretty busy I didn't have time to head to the gym. To make up for that I walked to school which turned out to be about a half hour both ways. It actually takes the same amount of time as taking the public bus! Guess there's some exercise I can easily add in to my schedule.

[later] AHHH!! just returned from BWW. everything tasted so good but I ate far too much. I was at home beforehand and thought I don't want to snack on anything because that will add needless calories! Boy I should've. A banana would've taken the place of 5 wings. I was ravenous and felt entitled to eat since I didn't snack before hand. Usually this works when there's a few healthy choices, but at BWW I ended up eating 22 wings and a thing of blue cheese dressing. I did learn my lesson though!!

So today's tip from my mistakes to your success. KNOW YOUR OPTIONS AND PLAN FOR IT! if you're going out to dinner with friends and can plan for a salad and chicken maybe eat less during the day. BUT if you're going someplace with limited options eat something in a different food group before hand so you don't over do it.

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  1. A useful trick when you're out in a restaurant situation like that: just imagine that there's a disgruntled low-paid worker in the back spitting all over the food. Of course, there probably really IS a disgruntled, low-paid worker int he back spitting all over the food, but that only serves to make the illusion more real.

    Good luck on this journey!