Monday, April 26, 2010

Official Day 1

Today I've mostly been fixing the way the blog looks but I feel like its important. It's a great day out so I may take a hike. I'm planning on going to the gym as well since I haven't been there since Thursday. I'm sure what you really want is the basic nitty gritty facts so here there are:

Weight: 222.0lb
TBF: 47.6%
TBW: 38.4%

AHH! I'm not so sure on the Total Body Fat or Water. I'm just using a scale with those electric signals. It sounds scientific so I'm sure it's really really accurate. And here are my pictures, see I'm just like you!

So there ya go, its just the beginning. Just got 3 new magazines for advice and cool things to try. I'm thinking i'll have a Magazine Monday to tell you all the great new things out there.

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