Friday, January 21, 2011

Workout Style

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while, and I'm still not sure if I have a plan yet :) So we'll see how this goes.

Here are a few styles I notice when I'm working at the gym
  • Elliptical all day every day
  • 30 mins cardio warm up, then weights
  • Runner: steady as we go
  • Runner: the cops are coming / I can run faster than you
  • Weights: Single machine at a time
  • Weights: I have a steady routine of a few machines
  • Weights: I'm just resting on this machine
  • Weights: I use whatever machine I feel like and you just have to guess where I'm going
  • Prefect routine: 20mins of: bike, elliptical, treadmill, and weights. EVERY DAY
  • I talk or text on my cell phone during my entire workout
Personally I'm a little bit of everything. I do 30mins of bike, treadmill, or elliptical. And I also have 3 weight routines: quick all over, extended getting every muscle, and plyometrics (is that it? when you move multiple muscles like doing rows and squats).

What's your workout style?


  1. I generally will do a cardio warm-up and then a weight circuit if I'm in a hurry - or a cardio warm-up and kettle bell workout.

    Or I do a class (I like hot yoga, body flow and combat, and am going to venture into pump and spin eventually)

    I think there are so many cardio junkies that think that they are going to lose weight just doing cardio - but the fact is that weight training keeps your body working days after your workout and it builds muscle!! WIN WIN!

  2. I am card over strength about 3:1 ratio. I wish it wre 50-50 but for some unacceptable reason I get after card more readily.

  3. Honestly, it depends on the day. If my muscles are more sore, I tend to go for a longer, steady workout. If not, I shoot for the intervals. If I do weights and cardio- it's always weights before the cardio. That's my only real "rule" when I work out because I read (somewhere?) that doing it in that order makes it all more effective. May not be true, but it's how I roll ;)

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