Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun Fact

Heres a fun fact: Icy Hot and hot water DO NOT mix.

I'm running about 3 times a week, to start training for the half marathon. I get shin splints all the time. So I've been stretching my calves and putting icy hot on at night and sometimes before I run. A couple of times I've put it on after a run and then relaxed for a bit then took a shower. OUCH! Hot water makes icy hot burn! Not actually burn but horrible horrible too hotness.

On a better note, the icy hot does seem to be helping. I haven't had shin splints yet. Today I ran for two 12mins segments with only 5 mins of walking in between. Saturday I'm going to running club for the 50K event. NO I'm not doing anywhere close to 50K. The course is actually a 5K that you repeat. I'm think definitely one maybe two times. My running plan is to run somewhere between 12-15mins at a least at the beginning, if I decide to do a second 5K it'll be mostly walking I think.

How are your workout goals going? Any discoveries of what to avoid (like Icy hot and hot water)?


  1. Ouch. I must admit to doing this before too. You do it once, never a second time.

    I learned not to drink carbonated beverages within a half-hour or so of doing sit ups. Nothing worse than sitting up, belching, and then lauging so hard your sit up routine is ruined. Ok, there is something worse, but this is what came to mind for some reason I don't even want to know.

  2. Way to go! I am excited that someone else is running a half. Have you ever used a foam roller on your shins? Or you can roll them with a rolling pin. I wish you all the best tomorrow!