Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'll just be honest: Hungover!

I finished up my exams, posted, and then didn't sleep well. :( I woke up at 7am and putzed around my house. I went to the gym but forgot my tennis shoes, so I decided to go to the skating rink but they were filling up. (Even though I went skating last week, the rink isn't open until next weekend, but it's a block from my house and outdoors and unlocked. It's like they're asking for me to skate illegally) So I came home again and took a nap. At times a nap is as good as a workout for my body. At least that's what I tell my self as I'm drifting off :)

Last night was a friend's daughter's wedding. I never actually met the the bride or groom or maid of honor. BUT I had a GREAT time. Ate, drank, and was merry. Minor detail I was not a fan of the music. Mostly slow, or couples dances. I can get down to a lot of music, Run DMC, Lady GaGa, the BeeGees, Journey. Unfortunately that was not what was played. Instead of dancing my butt off, I ended up drinking my butt on!

This morning I tried to remember what I did at parties before drinking. My friends and I would eat pizza and sugar snacks and watch movies all night, so I'd end up hungover then too!! Why is indulgence and "fun" give me hangovers?

Tomorrow is our family Christmas party. If we open up the wii Kareoke, I'll be good all night in the singing me zone. Unfortunately I think that may diminish other's party experience. What do you do at parties? I'll try to stay out of the food room, and.....maybe do a puzzle. Maybe I'll go ask every person there a question. Any suggestions?

[Gross update: alcohol helps get things moving, and running too!] Fitness update: I finished my 2nd week of running training. I ran 4, walk 2, ran 2 fast, walk 2, ran 4! Next week I'm working up to 6min segments. Also I cleaned the house which really takes weigh off! at least off my shoulders.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time except for the music. When we have a party we try and keep the food light and play some sort of game. Good going on the running.. Keep it up.

  2. I'm not sure honestly.. Christmas Eve will be my first party since I started getting healthier. My family celebrates everything with food, and some of my more high-calorie dishes have been requested.. Not sure what I'm doing on that front yet. We'll have the Wii set up too- and the Michael Jackson game on so at least I'll have something to so other than sit and eat with everyone else!