Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm a winner!!!

Today was the turkey trot for the running club. We tried to guess our time for a specific distance. I signed up for the 2.7mile run and guessed 38mins. I didn't get to wear my cool watch!

I just went along at my normal pace. Passed some people but they past me on this huge downhill. I really wanted to win but kept at the pace I felt comfortable at.

Then we had to wait around for the results. This took a while since winners were based on difference from guessed time, not fastest. So I had a banana and a lot of cookies. Then it was time for awards. There were pies for the kids, turkeys for adults, then some running stuff too. The first three were based on difference in time. Then three were given out as raffles.

I WAS ONLY SEVEN SECONDS OFF!!! I ran the 2.7mi in 37:53. WOOT. I'm on cloud nine.

As I'm a winner, I'm not a loser. Unfortunately I'm not a loser in weight loss. I haven't had a square meal today and that meals munch munch snack snack all day. Not good on that, but after the run I went to work and moved treadmills, then walked the dog for over an hour. I might have actually worn both of us out :)

Tomorrow: eat healthy meals (not munch munch munch), walk dog, work out.


  1. Nice result. If it wasn't for the treadmill telling me my speed i wouldn't have a clue how fast i was going or for how long.