Sunday, November 14, 2010

I need a Spark

I want to eat. I had a big breakfast. Then an sandwich at 4:30 and now I just want to eat continuously until bedtime. So I decided to start blogging and hopefully I'll get over my munchies. Note to self: eat half of next Sunday's breakfast then have lunch at 1pm.

Also I have to write a few essays for a fellowship application. It's due on Tuesday. aaaahhhh.

I would like a motivational spark to come through and hit me. It might help if the sun was out for longer ya know like an hour or even TWO!!!

To do list:
3 meals a day
exercising everyday, do yoga 5x and weights 3x
CE homework
Fellowship application
clean the house
make dinner for family on Tuesday

jgfadkljfdkals;fqadksl;fvhewi9oanvdskjalfjweioaf;n that was my original post. but I deleted it. Ok time for idea webs for that application. or pushups. or eating.....WAIT NO not eating. application with push up breaks not food breaks. oh man.

1 comment:

  1. Mertle, my stall her is progress is all about food intake. The exercise has been there. Is this the same for you? For me it is all in my head, all in my mind. I am more then strong enough to push aside temptation and succeed at this day in and day out; when I want to be. I have to kick up my WANT and I will progress again. What do you WANT?