Monday, August 16, 2010

Whaaa Wooon

That's my Debbie Downer sound. Today was a definitive Monday Blues day. I'm doing pretty good but it does seem like a lot of blah things happened. This morning I got up to go help my aunt. The problem was I just felt icky. Hopefully it's just lady sickness and not flu-like sickness but my abdominals felt gross all day.

Then I got a phone call saying my MRI was clear. Sounds good right? Let me explain. I have had ringing in my right ear for 6 months. It's not continuous and just on the one side. One possibility is that a tumor grew in my ear canal (a teeny tiny one). I had the MRI on Friday, sorry I didn't share that weirdo experience with you, maybe another time. Today they told me the radiologist didn't see anything. I should feel great but this means I'm just losing my hearing!! I'm 23 years old! It's frustrating having this problem and not having a solution. I just have to deal :(

My gym is for sale. I think that a gym would be a good business, and it seems like a great opportunity. Once I got back home today I received the email which included the profit and loss and other business papers. And the overall feeling is that it's not a good investment. It makes me a bit sad because I was really hopeful and excited about this opportunity. I still have my job and I still love it.

Unfortunately this brings us to the last downer of the day. I am starting to have more activities on evenings and weekends. I've been talking to my manager about switching some of her morning shifts with my evenings. When I got to work tonight I found a note saying switching would not be possible. So this means I'll just have to cut down on a few of my hours.

A day of little downers. I ate pretty well today but I'm a bit hungry so I'm going over my calories with a bedtime snack. I didn't exercise today. Yesterday I did Day 3 on my 5K plan (walk 2 mins run 3) and tomorrow I'll walk 2mins run 1. Hopefully my stomach feel better, and if not, I'll stick to soup and orange juice. Just remember Mertle this was only 1 day. Tomorrow is new and ready to be great!


  1. I love how you make up words to fit sounds, like the Debbie Downer sound today and the Rocky theme the other day.

    Try to keep a positive attitude. This is just a season in your life, not forever. You'll make it.

  2. Sorry to hear about the cause for your blues.....keep on pushing on.

  3. Hope your Tuesday is going much better! Thanks for your comment on my blog. ;)

  4. I'm glad your MRI was clear. can't wait to hear how day 4 of your training plan goes!