Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weight Loss Alphabet

A is for Appetite,
there's so much to choose!
B is for Belly,
we all want to lose
C is for Calories
you've got to count
for goodness sake
D is for Diabetes
Type 2 is a risk
I don't want to take
E is for Energy
It's growing more and more
F is for Fitness
A magazine from the store
G is for Gym
go lots of times
through the week
H is for Healthy
not harmful,
for what you can eat
I is for Incline
a change on the treadmill
to increase your pace
J is for Jogging
good for you
even if you don't win the race
K is for Kayaking
go out and try
all sorts of new things
L is for Lunges
they work when they sting
M is for Moving
no matter the effort
do some each day
N is for Nutrition
learning about it
will help you on your way
O is for Opportunity
to make a better self
P is for Produce
get every color off of the shelf
Q is for Quit
but that's not for you
R is for Rejuvenation
a rest, and time to say WHEW!
S is for Sweaty
good endorphins
will give you some cheer
T is for Transformation
a new person
you see in the mirror
U is for Ups and Downs
part of the journey
is learning "keep going"
V is for Voracious
an attitude to get rid
of the weight that you're towing
W is Willpower
say no to chips,
cakes, and Mike-n-Ikes
X is for X-ray
careful broken bones
don't work on those hikes
Y is for Yams
sweet potatoes are tasty
with iron and beta-carotene
Z is for Zippity DoDah
Sing when you reach your goals,
like when you're lean and mean!

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