Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Busy-ness

Saturday was another "5K" I use the term 5K lightly as I'm pretty sure it was almost 6K. My time was 53:30. Not my best. I did try to do the run 10 walk 1. I started walking for 1 mins. This helped to get those crazy fast people away from me and gave me space. Then I ran 10 mins! Then walked and started running again. I made it about 6 mins up and down a couple hills, then I hit a bigger hill and I had to walk. I did run/walked the rest so I feel like I challenged myself.

Then we went out to breakfast, then home for work, then out for chicken pot pie! It really wasn't like a marie calendar 1000 cal one. The inside was a thick chicken soup, no cream like sauce. Then out for a mini blizzard. The PERFECT size! I obviously went a bit over the calorie goal, but today has been better.

Unfortunately I haven't eaten too much because I've been feeling a bit icky. Hopefully it's just from a bunch of gunk yesterday and nerves. Tomorrow is my first day of school! I'm ready to be a bit busier but I'm worrying about when I can get to the gym. I'm sure it'll work out and I do have tapes to do at home. Tomorrow is either a long run or a tae bo tape.


  1. Mini Blizzards are a thing of beauty! My fave is mint Oreo.
    I left an award for you at my blog. XO

  2. Challenging yourself is an amazing rush, incredible jolt to the self confidence when you push it, and do that which you not long ago may have felt impossible.


  3. My wfe told me they were making a mini-blizard but I did not beleive her. That is cool!

    School, I must have missed something in the past. Are you a teacher or student?