Friday, August 27, 2010

Running, Swimming, Running

Wednesday was running club. It was a "no watch" run. Instead of running for a specific distance, we were supposed to run for a specific time. I signed up for the 30 min run. It was a trail run up hill. When I got to the top I was sure I took at least 20mins so I ran almost the entire way down. My final time was 27 min 30 sec. My aunt came in at about 28:45. The winner came in at 29:59:30! I used this as my run for 5K training, even though I was supposed to run 2mins walk 2.

Thursday was my first time to the pool! If you've read my blog from the beginning I wrote a post about being so excited for the pool to open. That was in May, Aug 26th was my day at the pool, and it closes this Sunday the 29th. It was so busy, 8 lanes and 10 people! I was next to the wall and kept hitting it. I did 20 lengths? is that what its called? I went down and back 20 times which turns out to be 1km. I barely made it home. My shoulders, my legs, and my abs ached. I would like to be a better swimmer but after yesterday I'm not sure I could go back to a pool! I'm thinking of getting a pass for the inside pool this winter. We'll see if I can stand it :)

Today we're going on a short hike. Then tomorrow is another 5K. The Pineneedle Stampede in West Yellowstone, I was told there would be lots of prizes. On my 5K training plan its a run 10mins walk 1. I know I'll go much slower than on a treadmill but faster than if I didn't have that training goal. I'll try to run:walk 10:1 the entire. But the training say this is supposed to be 20mins so I'll at least do the first 20mins and see how my body feels.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Congrats on great (and speedy!) run and a fantastic swim. The Pineneedle Stampede sounds like a cool way to get your training in. I think it's a great idea to commit to the two 10:1s...who knows - I bet you'll surprise yourself and run the whole thing!

  2. If your time was more than 2 minutes faster than the winners, then, why were you not the winner?

    My weekend plans,soccer game, go with my wife as she shops for a dress for for a wedding she is in, then go out to dinner with my wife. That is Saturday, on Sunday we will chill, I hope.

    Have a great weekend!