Thursday, August 19, 2010

Too Much Fruit?

So I've been trying to eat well. Besides using the calorie counter I replicated a check list from Weight Watchers core plan. It helps me get the right amount of stuff, and it's so fun to check off the boxes after a meal. I've lost weight with this plan in the past and am currently losing so I'm super happy right?

Minor problem. My tummy aches. I mentioned this a couple of post ago,
and hoped it would just work it self out. Well it did "work it self out" of me this morning for 15 mins. Sorry TMI but who else do I get to talk to about all this? haha So I did what any self respecting person in pain would do....I googled. Apparently the acid and fructose in fruit can cause this problem, especially if eaten on an empty stomach. So I got the idea that my breakfasts of 3 fruits and almond butter are a bad idea. Lunch and dinner usually have a larger mix of proteins, veggies, and calcium, or MUFUs. I'll have to start ahhhhhhhh fixing a real breakfast! Like cooking and stuff! Becoming a grownup is so hard. hahaha

On to brighter and better things, last night was running club night. There was a 1.2, 2, 3, and 5.6 mile treks. I did the 2 miler which went through fields and over a fence! I completed it in 27mins! I'm pretty happy with that time since I was the only one pushing myself. I always go faster on a treadmill cuz you put the speed in and have to go. My new watch was great. I set the timer and would run for 2mins and walk for 1.5 or 2mins. My heart rate was pretty high but I really wanted a good time. Also there was a walker behind me and I couldn't let her catch up.

Today I'm not sure about exercise, right now I'm going to stay on the couch but I'll try to fit in a walk tonight. I'm going to go get some bread and water to help my stomach. I hope my pain has taught you all a valuable lesson :)


  1. congrats on the loss that you've had, and the great job running last night!!!

  2. Hmm, I like fruit & almond butter, sure hope to avoid that issue. Nope, can't let that walker behind you catch up, no way. She gets close,walk faster, she gets closer, trip her. No?

    Hope your tummy feels better.