Friday, July 16, 2010

Losing it!

Remember a few post ago when I was so miserable about my declining calories? I’ve noticed the last few days it hasn’t even big a deal! I’m getting used to the new calorie level. I’ve also think water is the best anti-munchie thing ever.

If you’ve watched the Biggest Loser I’m sure you’ve seen their product placement. It’s actually quite annoying. They say gum is a great way to curb cravings and blah blah blah. Well when I’m hungry or I just want to much on something gum is the least satisfying thing I can think of. I will start a piece and about 5mins later I’m still craving chips or something. Water seems to do much better. It fills me up and satisfies…probably since hunger pain could also mean thirst.

I really didn’t like water back in the day. I would force myself to drink water once in a while, and drink some during sports or working. I’m not exactly sure when it started but I started forcing myself to drink more water, probably while dieting in high school. Now I’m addicted. I always have a bottle of water: in class, at work, heck usually I take a bottle when I’m running errands like grocery shopping. It’s like a security blanket now. Something to hold, pass the time drinking something, fumble with the lid when I don’t want to be called on in class. Without a Nalgene I have this slight panic and suddenly the room becomes unbearable arid.

Ohh yeah the point of this post. I think drinking water has helped me get used to the new calorie level, the first few days were the hardest now I consistently under and have the wiggle room I need.

Speaking of losing calories.. I’m almost to the point I need to lower my weight on the gym equipment. Yesterday the scale said 208.8 and today 210.4. I’m not totally under 210 so I’ve left the “gym weight” at 215. I’m super super excited about this new milestone…but also a little scared. You don’t burn as many calories when you put in less weight. I think there is a second reason besides the “ummm yeah you’re not lugging a bushel of potatoes around anymore”. The elliptical machines at my gym increase the resistance when you add more weight. I found this out when I forgot to put my weight in and started thinking “oooh I’m so fit. my RPMs are way higher than usual”…..yeah then I checked the input weight and it was at 150. I increased the weight and my RPMs went down fast. How is that fair at all? I understand on the elliptical gravity may help a bit, but come on! Skinny people should have to work harder than me! or everyone should burn the same number of calories in say 30mins. 

Wow I feel like I’m rambling since usually my post are like 4 sentences long….but while writing this I have another weird word thing: just = fair = event, marketplace, (which sounds like) food = fare = toll. Words are strange when you start thinking of them. [oh man just googled those words there’s a lot of other meanings too haha]

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  1. I had the same experience with water. I didn't really like it at first and had to reward myself with a diet Coke for drinking the standard 8, 8oz glasses. Now, I'm thirsty for water!