Monday, June 21, 2010

Hike #2

On Father's Day my aunt, uncle, 2 friends, and I went for another hike. This one was a lot different than the hike last week. Last week I could always look up and see the ridge. The goal was always in sight. Even though yesterday's hike was not as steep, it was harder mentally. Oh and it was LONG! Looking at the map it appeared to be 8 miles. With the switchbacks up and down the hills and the up and downs, my uncle thought it was somewhere between 10 and 12 miles!! I took today to recover so I'm not feeling too bad but I'm skipping the gym tonight. This week I brought my camera to really give you a sense of the day.

There was a river we had to go over a few times.
There was an AWESOME view
Lots of cool nature to check out. There were tracks
and poop too but this was the only picture I took. haha.
Further on, the streams didn't have such nice bridges
No that's not a camera glare. Thats snow. Pretty little mountain stream
THE TOP! My aunt took this picture of my uncle and me.
I was exhausted and there was still the trip down.
AHH couldn't get this picture to turn the right way! Anyways after we got over the top, the north side was still a little cold. This was the first of many snow packs. Oh and did you see the rain clouds in the last picture. There was maybe a half hour of rain on the way down :(
Six hours later I was still amazed at the scenery!
I couldn't wait to get into the car but I had to capture this.


  1. What a cool bridge across the water that is! It looks kind of scary, but mostly just amazing. I'd love to walk across it!

  2. Mertle that looks like allot of fun being had there. Allot of calories burned too, so bounus!!

  3. Wow what wonderful pictures. This is a beautiful place. I would love to know where this is. That is one cool bridge also. Hey I like the way your blog looks.