Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WWI, Award, Cheat Day

Can you tell I'm going on vacation and am trying to do a million things before I leave? :) I'll just start with the cheat day info. I went to BK and got a shake and french fries. SO good, but I totally noticed it was a bit harder to do my work this afternoon. I guess that's what I get for buying the low octane fuel haha. I did need the cheat day as I've been stressing trying to get everything for the trip ready. And there's the whole "don't go grocery shopping because the food will rot" thing so I also didn't have much to make a meal at home.

Today's Weight: 196.4lb
Weekly Loss: 2.2lbs
Total loss: 25.8lbs

Woot! Now I have wiggle room for the cruise. NO I still want to go down but I feel a lot better going on this trip after eating healthy and working out, than if I had eaten junk and not moved as much. Like I feel like this hard work can continue on the trip and hopefully I'll maintain weight or gain very little.

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Award 5 bloggers who have "Stylish" blogs.

I got the Stylish Blogger award from Miss Haneefa over at Black Girl Gets Sassy. She goes goes goes. She's a running and trying EVERY class at her gym. THANKS!

Five Stylish Bloggers Are:
Annie at AnnieWeighs Has great cartoons and used to have a sparkelly name, now its a stylish free script!
Amy at Life's Journey with a Smile Started up the Winter Warrior Challenge. Way to have incentive. Also got a new camera so I'm sure her blog will be stylin' with pics soon.
Big Clyde at The Clydesdale Project Running his first 10K Saturday. I bet he'll look super stylin' the whole way :)
Jessica at See How She Runs Also a winter warrior. Always has really personal and uplifting and stylish pictures for the challenge.
Luke at The Super Fatlete: Terrible [Stylish] Tuesday workouts sound horrible but also a good way for me to challenge myself, maybe next month Luke!

About ME , here's a sample from my evenings:
1. I watch Golden Girls at night because the news can be scary and I don't want to get into an hour show.
2. I turn the TV and computer off an hour before bed.
3. I pretty much always have to take a shower before bed. It helps me sleep. I don't like morning showers at all.
4. I have really thick hair. I don't like blow drying it because it takes a long time and makes my hair frizzy. Another reason for my night showers.
5. My mom has a few cousins and uncles who are dentist. Going to the dentist and brushing my teeth has always been a big deal. And I guess good teeth run in the family :D
6. I read before bed. I have a Barbara Kingsolver, but I've instead been reading the Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer. Then I usually do a couple Sudoku and pass out.
7. My parent's house is 2 blocks from the lake. I had the northwest corner bedroom and it was FREEZING. Some mornings I would get dressed with a blanket wrapped around me. Of course now I can't fall asleep or stay asleep if my room is like above 60deg. Who cracks open a window during a snow storm and has a fan on: THIS GIRL!


  1. Haha!! Your #7 totally cracked me up! I'm originally from Fargo ND, so I understand the cold. Now I live in NE and I'm sitting in my bed right now with the fan on, it is currently snowing outside. :)

    Thanks for the award! That is my handwriting as my signature on my blog! I'll do my award post tomorrow. :)

  2. Awesome facts!! I've done a post on this award before - so I'm going to add it to my awards page - but THANK-YOU!!!

    I'm going home this weekend so I'll take lots of pictures there... I've exhausted all the random objects around my apt!

    I used to hate showering at night and if I did I'd usually just shower in the morning too, but I often just shower at night now... it's definitely easier. I don't watch the news either... I agree they just try to scare people.

    Congrats on the loss - you're on fire!!! Have an amazing vacation! I'm sure you'll be so active on the trip you'll have nothing to worry about! Your motivation doesn't need to go on vacation to have a great time! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the award :) I am so excited! Hope your trip is amazing! Can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Hey! Great facts, I too like to shower before bed.

  5. WhooHooo on the loss, excellent!!!!

    I refuse to allow a TV in the bedroom. We watch tv in the family room right up until bedtime but I the bedroom is no place for electronics in my mind.

  6. Just made it over here and found this. Thanks!!!!