Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weigh In finally

You must have desperately been wanting to know about my weight!!! I've been slacking on that point. I'd weigh myself on Wednesday, not like that number, weigh myself on Thursday and my weight went up!! So then I wouldn't blog anything. So here's the story you haven't been getting. After I weighed 214, then back up to 216, 217.4, pretty much no movement, then a slow crawl down to this week.

This week went much better.
Current weight: 212
Weekly loss: between 2 and 6
Total Loss: 10lbs!!!!

I'm so excited. I'll definitely take my self to that movie instead of waiting. You know what's not exciting...that losing weight means I don't get to eat as much :( recalculated my calorie need. I "lost" 50 calories! I'll live, and I guess it's a minor thing compared with losing 10lbs!

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